Marriage affects negatively the intimate life

Image:© danielkrol/ Fotolia

A British research established that the marriage affects badly the intimate relations between the partners no matter how much in love they are, quoted by “Daily Mail”. According to the survey before standing at the altar the couples have sex four times a week and more. After three years of family life usually this happens once a week. Six of every ten couples think marriage ruined the excitement related to their sex life. Almost half of the married people see their partner more like a friend than a lover.

One third of the questioned say they do not like their partner so much as they did before they got married.

80 percent of the couples realize that their love life is stuck and they have sex at one place only and in the same way every time. That bores them and slowly kills the desire for their partner.

79 percent of the questioned prefer to get a good sleep than have sex in the middle of the night. When we talk about an affair though, two thirds say that the sex with their lover is fascinating.

One fifth of the people who never cheated on their partner say they would do it if they had the opportunity. The same percentage say they will understand if their partner confesses of an affair.

Two thirds of the couples blame the stressful day and the tiring everyday life for their bad sexual life. 80 percent say that at the end of the day they are too tired and sex does not interest them at all. The poll was done with 3000 people.

The intimate life is very important for the successful marriage. Try to keep it the way it was before you got married, when you were in love and couldn’t wait to meet your loved one.


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