Interesting and original ideas for a wedding celebration

Image: © Alex Tihonov / Fotolia

Marriage is such a moment in the adolescents’ life when everything seems filled with happiness, beauty and love. That is the main reason why a wedding ceremony should be organized in such a way that nothing could overshadow the celebration. Each couple aims to make its wedding original, unique and interesting so that it could be remembered. But that requires an interesting and unusual scenario which is prepared with unexpected and original approach.

It will be very hard for you to surprise a professional photographer or video director by offering them an approach that you had figured out. But inviting a bunch of talented musicians will not impress your guests that much too. So, what exactly could make your wedding unique and what could make your wedding scenario different from the traditional ones?

Let’s think about the first dance of the newlyweds. Of course, it should be carefully considered, rehearsed and prepared, as well as the groom’s speech. If you would like to emphasize on these two moments, then you should put a lot of efforts in their preparing. It is recommended that you consider it very carefully, consult with some specialists, use video lessons and take examples from other weddings.  Be aware of the fact that during the first dance of the newlyweds, all wedding guests will be fully sober and you will have to overwhelm and captivate them. The bride and the groom could feel really confident if they have rehearsed their performance for a long time.

Among the dance rehearsing, it is recommended that you consider the wedding decoration more carefully too. Think of the effects that you could include to the dance. Imagine how the fascinating dance of the newlyweds ends with bright and special effects, while the groom picks up the bride roundabout colorful confetti and balloons. These effects will cheer up the mood of all guests – from relatives to friends. Try to pick a song that is more emotional, not a trivial and tuneless composition.

During the rest of the celebration, your guests will need some amusement too. Here is when the wedding lottery comes. Probably, not all the guests will have the desire to participate in it, but the more enticing the earnings are, the more people would like to join the lottery. It’s best that the prizes are made with a sense of humor, because this could cheer up the whole celebration.

Give freedom to your imagination. Consider organizing a wedding competition. The competition and the curiosity will make the rest. You just need to buy little trophies for example (even if they are made of chocolate) and a few little prizes. It is not necessary that all guests receive an award. During the competition, give awards to the guests and at the end of it, give the trophies to the three contestants that have received most prizes.


There are many other ways to make your wedding celebration more interesting, except these two. You just need your imagination and your sense of humor to figure out something that will entertain your wedding guests. Make your wedding unusual and impressive by using your own ideas. After all, this is your wedding and everything should be perfect for you, not for somebody else.


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