Interesting sayings about the wedding

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Regardless of how absurd is one or another saying, girls think it is best to be reinsured.

To be happy in the marriage, the bride should cry on her wedding day
As it is well-known the wedding is not only one of the happiest days in the life of the bride but a deep stress related to the preparation, the strict schedule, possible is a forceful communication with the invited as well as the constant thought that the entire attention is directed on you only. In relation to this, the stress could be expressed in crying. The myth of the “mandatory cry before the wedding” is only a myth … everybody deals with stress their own way but there are tears for sure.

The newlyweds shouldn’t take pictures separately or they will separate
In the wedding album not to be a picture of you with the parents, friends or your own. Why not? It is not bad to a have a photo with the loved one from the wedding day.
The wedding ring is not given to anybody to try, neither after the wedding – it is bad luck
When the wife sees on the hand of their friend a wedding ring she starts realizing: “I am not the only one, anybody else can have this ring” and starts to be jealous of her friends. There is nothing bad if your friend tries on your wedding ring. The main thing is to be confident that you are loved and to trust your husband.

If the wedding ring falls down – the marriage will collapse. If you lose it before you place it on the finger – you will separate
This is the most common prejudice. In fact, the reasons the ring to fall off may be many. This could be the stress of the important event such as the wedding, this could be the simple distraction of the bride and groom or a pure accident we encounter every day.

Do not get married in May or you will suffer for a century
Of course you can get married in another month to avoid that prejudice but think: the warm spring days, the soft sun and the crisp cool May, a hundred times better than the cold in January and the heat in August. Subsequently, memories, remaining after the May wedding will be much warmer than after the winter one. Don’t you want to prove that this is just a myth, to get married in May and live a long and happy marriage?!

The night before the wedding the bride and groom should be separated
Probably this is just so they can miss one another and the wedding night to be alright. The omen “The girl who catches the bouquet will be the next to get married”, let it be true. Why not believe this myth and the next one to be married should be her? Remember, true love is not affected by any prejudice and “evil” omens.


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