How to organize the wedding – alone or with wedding planner

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The wedding – a hard preparation, taking many decisions, many worries and excitements and lots of nerves. Here is the moment to assess – do you need the services of a wedding agency or you will do everything on your own.

One of the questions you should ask is how big the wedding will be. If the guests will not be more than 50-60 people you can do it yourself with the help of family and friends. But if you expect more than 100 people to celebrate with you than it is more reasonable to rely on professionals. Not because you cannot do it alone but because you risk to get too tired, too worried or be nervous without a reason before this such an important day. Furthermore, when hiring a wedding agency you are not left outside of the organization. Just the opposite – you take all the decisions but for the implementation somebody else will take care. Another person will go to the ritual halls, restaurants and will take all the sometimes annoying details. Isn’t this great?!

Another important thing, you should keep in mind is the budget. How much money do you have and would expenses increase if you hire an agency. For example, you can give more money if you hire a wedding planner but in most cases they use discounts at restaurants, arrangements, stylists they work with. So once you draw the line there might not be any difference.

If you decide to organize your wedding alone, it is very important to distribute your time. Make a list with the tasks and an exact schedule. Don’t do everything alone, accept help from close people. This way you will not be nervous, worried or in a hurry in the last moment.

If the wedding is not big and you will organize it, spend some time to make something to show your personal interest to the guests. If you can make the invitations by yourselves or buy new ones but sign them in hand. This makes every one of them unique and will make your close ones feel special. If you are skillful you can make small presents yourself, buttonholeс or the bows to hang on the guests. But before you start doing this consider how many you can do. Don’t forget that these things should bring you joy and not bore you. So this is why they are appropriate for a wedding with about 40-50 people.

You took the decision to hire a wedding agency –you should know that for every decision the last word should be yours. Most girls plan and think about their wedding since children and have a very specific idea of everything related to it. Explain to the people of the agency what you want but be opened to their suggestions. They are professionals overall. Or if you don’t like some of their ideas don’t worry to tell them and be firm.

Whatever you decide – to organize the wedding alone or use a wedding planner, remember – this is your day! Make it the way you like it! It’s once in a lifetime!



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