How do beautiful women choose their partner

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A research claims that when the woman looks good, the man is positive and caring.
The reason, according to the same research is that men think beauty is extremely important while women like men that are supportive.

Researchers assume this claim could sound objectively, but the results show some universal standards – big eyes, childish features, symmetrical face, specific proportions between the waist and the hips – that state more men than women.

Many researches from the past show that two beautiful people of both genders can be more easily attracted to one another and create satisfactory relations. These researches are mostly based on new couples. In fact the role of the physical attractiveness in the mature relationships is a true mystery.

A brand new research indicates that:


McNutely and his team assess 82 couples, married within six months and having been together at least three years before that. Researchers did a video recording of the talks between the partners discussing various problems. The records were analyzed, whether the couples reach a consensus regarding matters like healthy meals, finding new jobs or doing sports.

The negative spouses said: “This is your problem, deal with it!” Instead of this McNutly offers the sentence: “Hey, I am here for you. What can I do for you?”

Furthermore each one of them should determine the attractiveness of the spouse from 1 to 10, 10 being absolute attractiveness. For three of them their wives are more attractive than they really are.

Trophy wives

Many men act better with more attractive women because they are extremely sensitive to the woman’s beauty, just as women to their height and financial status.

In couples, in which the husband is the more attractive half the mutual support is at lower levels as well as the communication between partners.

Men who are less attractive than their wives work hard to maintain their relationship.



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