Here’s how to take him to the altar according to the astrological sign! Part 1

Image: © Yuri Arcurs / Fotolia

Each zodiac sign has its strong and weak points. Here is how to take advantage of them to get the so desired marriage proposal.


You will win one Aries only if you are unpredictable, different and spontaneous. The men of this sign quickly get bored and in order to propose you marriage, you need to constantly surprise him. The man Aries loves the mysterious women and strives towards diversity. He will hardly propose you marriage if bother him, restrict him and are always jealous. Caress him gently and assure him that with you he will always feel interesting and fun.



The man Taurus is looking for the opposite of the Aries – tranquility and comfort. He would be fascinated by you if you give him the necessary calm and are balanced. This does not mean to be passive and phlegmatic. The Taurus needs a strong, honest and decent woman who is grounded in reality. He does not tolerate the reckless and hysterical people. Forget about the scandals in his presence if you want to take him to the altar.



The man Gemini needs a very special woman. She has to be smart, passionate and careful. For him is very important to trust you and to share everything with you. Forget about the jealousy and restrictions. Give him freedom and he himself will fall at your feet. The Gemini will appreciate your sincerity and honesty. Do not fool him, because he would quickly be disappointed.



The man of this sign needs tenderness and attention. He will appreciate your sensitivity and ask you to share his life with you. And yet, this man aims to the unattainable and loves challenges. Be a bit more inaccessible and he will do everything possible to keep you just for himself.



The man of this sign is looking for an interesting and different from the crowd woman. He does not tolerate the faceless people and surrounds himself with positive and fun women. In order to propose you marriage he should admire you. Do not burden him with your cares but also do not isolate him from your actual life. Applaud him at his every success and show how much he means to you.



The man Virgo needs a woman to whom he could trust and rely unreservedly. She should be good and responsive, kind and patient, organized and peaceful nature. You can very easily hurt him, so be delicate and careful. Make him feel unique and irreplaceable, and he will be yours forever.


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