Every man dreams of a real woman

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The real woman is the one a man dreams of his entire life and which he sees in his dreams. Not only women think of their prince but the gentlemen have an ideal image they consider rarely achievable. This is how a real woman looks according to them:

She is intelligent, knows what she wants and deals with problems alone. She maintains her physical and spiritual pureness. She pays attention to her appearance – the hair, the make-up, the nails, the clothes but without overdoing it. You will not see her with tons of make-up neither with modern clothes if they don’t fit because she has a sense of the aesthetics.

For a real woman to be pretty is not an obsession – she does not stand in front of the mirror for hours. But when she goes out she tries to look good regardless that she only goes to the store. You will not see her wearing sweat pants at home either.

The real woman is natural and spontaneous. She has finesse, does not swear, does not act like a man, has a delicate sense of humor, knows when to stop joking. Does not get drunk, tries not to smoke and if she does, tries it not to be in public. This muse tries to establish authority among relatives and friends. She is practical. She is able to distribute her time, does not buy anything unnecessary but is shy is well. Does not complain or cry for silly things. She could be sad but does not take it out on the others and usually doesn’t show it.

The real woman aims to the beautiful and seeks the beauty in everything. She is not arrogant – she is a good friend, compassionate to the suffering of the others. She is noble and worthy.

The real woman is a good housewife. She knows how to say “sorry”. She knows music, poesy and psychology. She is not mad with the loved one when he is not in a good mood and cannot pay attention to her.

The real woman has a romantic soul. She possesses mystery and does not disclose her cards easily. She rarely acts freely and does not go very far. She can love but it is hard to win her love. She is hardly accessible even though not shown on the outside.

The real woman does not sleep with everyone she likes, and chooses and estimates the men she dates in details. She does not suffer too much for a lost love. She doesn’t have a big self-esteem if it is not covered. She could have a dose of perversion but it is showed to her loved one when appropriate.

A few things follow:

First of all – if you are a woman reading this article and complying with the criteria listed above you were for sure on your wedding or you are about to get married.

Second of all – if you are a man reading this article and the woman next to you complies with this qualities and she is still not married to you, you have to propose right away because somebody else will. And this will make you feel sorry.

Third of all – we all know there are no perfect people.
I am sure most of half the women reading this article will find themselves!


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