Curious facts about the wedding and marriage

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Today, marriage is a natural continuation of the love affair between two people. And the wedding – the public triumph of their love. The guests dance, sing and are excited together with the new family, but how many of them have thought about why the rituals take place in a certain way and whence these traditions originated. Well, in order not to be among them, we offer to your attention some interesting facts about the wedding and marriage. In this way the ceremony will be fully experienced – whether you are newlyweds or guests.


Socrates has said “Marry in all cases. If you choose a good wife, you’ll be happy. If you take a bad woman, you will become a philosopher”. Even if you look at this sentence from a comic perspective, somewhere between the lines you will realize the wisdom of the words of the Greek philosopher. Because the fact is: the realization that you are bound to one person for life makes you look at him from another angle. And when you do, you change your own philosophy and worldview.


Perhaps precisely from similar insights of “wise” married people originated some of the most interesting and even amusing traditions in the weddings, anecdotes for the family life and the truths for the relationships of a married couple. We have put together some interesting facts about the wedding and marriage, which, if nothing else, will sweeten your family happiness.


Marriage as an institution is known to all human cultures. In 84% of societies are found polygamous relations but even in entirely polygamous cultures, people actually live in monogamous relationships.

The white wedding dress, a symbol of the purity and integrity of the bride actually was not always white. Until 1840, when Queen Victoria wedded Prince Albert in a white robe and imposed this color as tradition, the wedding dresses were red, blue, purple, even black, with silver and gold threads or just the most beautiful dress that the brides had in their wardrobe.

Diamond engagement ring was given as a gift for the first time in 1477 when the Archduke Maximilian Austrian asks his fiancée, Mary Burgundy to marry him. Overall, however, the giving of a ring to your loved one was practiced yet in ancient Rome.

Wedding rings are worn on the ring finger of the left hand since ancient times. The Romans believed that the vein in this finger – “vena amoris” (Latin for “vein of love”) springs directly from the heart. The Catholics apply this rule to this day, while in the Orthodox Christians on this finger is worn only the engagement ring – the wedding ring is placed on the ring finger of the right hand.

The proposal for marriage is considered a privilege of men, but women have their share. In 1228 Scotland became the first European country in which women received the right to propose marriage to their chosen one.

Same-sex marriages were first recorded in ancient Rome, but became the subject of passionate controversy only after the Christianization (about IV c.). In 1989, Denmark became the first post – Christian country to adopt the same sex marriages.

Bridesmaids should wear identical dresses similar to that of the bride to deceive the opponents – the suitors of the bride, evil spirits and thieves.

“Something old” the bride carries as a sign of the continuity of the past left behind her.

“Something blue” in the bridal ensemble symbolizes the purity, fidelity and love of the bride.

The clasped hands of the couple at the altar symbolize their mutual commitment to each other and their new bond as a married couple. This tradition dates back to pagan times and since then is interpreted in one manner – together forever.

The kiss of the newlyweds at the end of the wedding ceremony has a very ancient origin, since the times when the just married couple had to make their first sexual act before the revelers which at the same time to encourage and praise them. It is believed that through the first kiss the bride and groom exchanged their souls.

The breaking of a round loaf from the bride and groom is a tradition of Ancient Rome, when the revelers broke bread over the bride’s head to be fertile.

The savings and assets of the married couples are four times higher than those of the non-aligned. The divorced however have 77 percent lower assets than the non-aligned.

A key element to a happy marriage according to married couples are not so much the friendship, laughter, forgiveness, consistency and sex as the mutual trust.

Sex before marriage is a fact in 85% of married couples.

Married people, especially married men live longer and more complete compared to singles. Even more than that, men who kiss their spouses in the morning live another five years longer than those who do not.

The infidelity of men has been quite humiliatingly punished in the XVIII century. While walking in the city, they had to wear horse lids on their eyes not to look at other women.

The disagreements between spouses were resolved with a very effective method in the Middle Ages. The two were locked together in a high tower, while they reconcile the differences between them or until the woman’s hair grows so much as to be used as a rope to escape. A legend according to many on which is based and the story of “Rapunzel.”


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