Are you ready to share your life with another person

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At least once in his life, a person asks himself whether love is eternal or passes very fast? Love never dies. Loves is a feeling. Love constantly develops.

You cannot know if this is true: that love never dies or that it is eternal and infinite until you go to the other side of loving someone. You carry love in yourself and express it and give it to the other person.

So this is the feeling of Love. Get over this truth and know it. Romantic love is different. The way it feels is that it is an addicting condition. You will do anything to gain the other person’s love. You depend on it. Your life depends on it. Love, true love, no attachment. It is clean, clear, unconditional and burning. It is your incentive for all you do.

Love is a feeling  
This is it. The feeling you feel charges the heart and soul with happiness. Love is you. You give love without wanting recognition or thankfulness. This is what gives us meaning. Love. Very beautiful and unconditional feeling which fills us up. You can look into the eyes of the loved one and say: “I need you to be whole. I want to spend my life for you to feel complete – this is the only way to feel happy!”
This is entirety. Not to complete the other person but share your love with him.

Love is constantly developing  
The energy of love cannot stay constant for one moment. This is energy. This is energy in motion. It is constantly moving and changing its shape. If you think love is one and the same as when you met you are mistaken. It is impossible. The feeling of love changes every moment. It grows and develops.

Be opened and ready
Be constantly ready for the changes of your mind and heart. Move with the love. Follow it. Love is what you are, what is in you. Feel it. If it disappears from you then you disappear as a personality.

If you feel all what was said so far, this means you are ready to share your life with one person only. If you have even the slightest hesitation – don’t do it. And remember. Everything is love.



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