Are you ready for the family life – 13 indicators that you are

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How to evaluate if we are ready for the family life and will we make it to do the right step? Take a look at the listed indicators, find out where your relation is and what will be the future of your relationship.


1. You see your loved one every day.
Or even a few times a day. And you feel you cannot live without him.


2. When you are not together, you call constantly or send tons of text messages.
This allows you to be in touch all the time and control every movement of your partner.



3. Your jealousy is at its maximum.
There are suspicious personalities around your loved one who want to take him away from you.


4. Your sexual relations have become stable for a long time.
You have tried everything and you understand each other without much talking.


5. Your relatives and friends know you are an entirety.
You will have a family of your own one day.


6. Your parents have already met.
This is not mandatory if they live in separate towns.


7. You spend your nights together and don’t try to get away by lying.


8. You don’t want to spend your money on one another.
From smaller presents (perfume, watch) you go to the bigger ones. You form a budget of your own for the “real” family.


9. You do what the other told you to with pleasure and seriousness.
You visit the grandparents, help on the summer house, take care of your partner’s lodge. Together go to the passport service, the dry cleaning, post office etc.


10. The brothers and sisters of the loved one consider you as family.
You communicate with them more than with your own.


11. You call each other lovely names.
You are not ashamed of calling your partner “my other half”.


12. You’ve been on vacation.
You’ve been at a resort, at the summer house or abroad.


13. You try to live together periodically.
This could be a weekend staying over until the parents are somewhere or a common place of residence.


If 5-7 of these indicators are typical for your couple, this means the peak of your relations has occurred but you still have nothing to worry about.


If you have 8-13 of these indicators, you should build a family. You have nothing to wait for if you want your relationship to continue.


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