Advices for good relations

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How to get along with your partner after long years of relationship?

As a whole, there can not be a universal recipe for cloudless relations in a relationship between two people. We are all different, have various personalities and we change constantly over time. In order to have a good relationship with our partner, we must make compromises, respect the other one and try to listen and understand him/her.

However, there are some things in common which to take into consideration.

The curtain of secrecy raises the psychotherapist Paula Hall. She states seven main principals to stick to if we want to have good relations with the loved one.

1. Love yourself. 
The feeling of personal value is very important for the good relations. When you love yourself you will always feel confident.

2. Praise his qualities. 
Men love to be appreciated. Be generous when it comes to compliments and support.

3. Pay attention to him. 
The importance of items could be measured with the quantity of time we spend on them. Life tears us apart – home, work, children… But if you regularly don’t find time to be with the loved one sooner or later you will break up.

4. Talk more. 
Talking is the only way to know the personal world of the partner.

5. Argument your point of view. 
We are all unique, disputes are a phase in the relations. But we have to argument our opinion. The good argument gives us ability to take the right decision.

6. Communicate every day. 
Relations feed on communication. It is not necessary this to be communication in bed. Some touches, tender looks and warm words are enough. The sexual life could slow down with time but the necessity of physical connection will never disappear.

7. Accept the changes. 
Years change people and not the way we want it. Stable couples adopt to one another and change together.


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